Whiskey Creek Press - Need Publishing Help QUICK?
I have just been accepted by Whiskey Creek Press, but am feeling a wary of them. I don't know how legit they are, and I want to have a GOOD publisher; not some scam like PA. Please please help, any one who knows anything about this company!!!!! I really don't know what to do!

Thank you thank you thank you!

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Here is what I found

Whiskey Creek Press: "publishes books in Trade Paperback and many ebook formats." Some of their services have fees. P&E recommends reading the section on this publisher at Hi Piers. It's P&E's understanding that WCP is addressing this issue and it should be resolved by February 2008.

May 2010 update: An author did a calculation of likely royalties and concluded that it came to less than 1.5% on a print book. That's mighty low. July 2010 update: "So far they are no better than Publish America." It seems most authors have had good responses, but not all. August 2010 update: But a report of changes made in the text after the final edits were completed, without the author's approval. That's not good, because if the author does not have final approval, it is no longer the author's novel.


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Thank you; I have decided not to sign the contract.