Karen Scott

 Re: Whiskey Creek Press

"Well, I know what I'd do if I wrote for them. I'd take my effing books and run like the wind, because that kind of practice doesn't bode well for the future.

Publishers (especially e-publishers) really shouldn't treat their authors that way, because sooner or later, they will get bitten in the arse, and then readers like me will take great pleasure in mocking them, which in turn will lead to the publisher showing their knickers in Blogland, and having a massive rant about their drama-filled personal lives. We'd then probably be subjected to another ranty lecture on how they've had it up to here with ungrateful authors, how hard they've been working to keep all their publishing balls in the air, and how unfair their critics are, when they can't possibly understand what it takes to run a business.

Just sayin."