Writers Watch

 "Whiskey Creek Press was brought to our attention. A year and a half ago, an author had serious trouble with edits. No biggie. This author worked through the total goof up by this publisher. This publisher also charges their authors a print fee. That's right boys and girls, this is a pub that does not invest in their authors. Ebook is free but to hold a book in your hand they request $90 paid up front to a small press that has NO REAL DISTRIBUTION. To add insult to injury, they required our lady to buy copies of her book to get them listed on Amazon. She had to pay full price for the book but would only receive royalties on their sale. WTF!!!!!! It was supposed to be to increase coverage. They weren't really counting on Amazon sales.

After getting this email I spoke with a few of their authors. WOW. Poor sales. Late edits. Most of their editors concentrate on the erotic side. (Ahh yes, I've heard that story before.)"