WCP Breach Of Contract

Breach #1: Royalties will be accumulated and paid no later than forty-five (45) days following the end of each calendar quarter.
This did not happen. Royalties were not paid on time.

Breach #2: Publisher will provide a written report of sales with payment and provide any further reasonable information relevant to sales of the work upon author's request.
This did not happen. Written reports were seldom sent out and when they were they were inadequate.

Breach #3: If the Publisher sells its assets to another publisher who does or plans to market and promote books of the type and genre of the Work, the successor publisher will be bound, as a minimum, to the same terms delineated in this agreement.
This did not happen. The Letter of Agreement, changed the terms for copyright and royalty payments.

Breach #4: Audit Accounting. Publisher will keep accounts of all receipts and expenditures regarding the Work, and these accounts will be available for Author's inspection. Author may, on reasonable notice, through his/her designated representative, examine Publisher's records that relate to the Work.
This did not happen. In 2012, authors requesting an audit were stonewalled by silence.

Breach #5: WCP continued to sell out-of-contract books and ignored all requests from the authors to remove them. This is ‘Willful Infringement.’


Anonymous said...

"And why, if this book is ranking the same as one of my others that sells for the same price and same royalty rate, am I making so much less? Something smells rotten here! Might be why they are basically refusing to provide proof that we've been paid correctly."

Desperate Housewife said...

Man, would I love to get a look at their books.

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