WCP Author, Pamela J Dodd

Yet another WCP author reports bad editing, poor to zero sales, and her emails were ignored. Sound familiar?

"What few royalty reports I received indicated low sales, and even lower royalties. At one point, I was getting seventeen cents per ebook sale, and a typical quarterly check was about five bucks."

"Just to get Amazon to list it, WCP required that I purchase two copies at full price; then, initially, the title was misspelled on Amazon’s website."

"After years and years of zero communications regarding sales, I can only conclude that either there were no sales or WCP kept all of the royalties. I will never know which. I’ve maintained a website, with promotional materials, links to vendors, and so forth, at my expense, and I finally came to the conclusion that WCP was never going to pay me anything ever again. Anyway, I did ask to have my rights back at the end of last year, via email, and there was no response."


Anonymous said...

I found that persistence paid. When Steve realised I was going to carry on sending him an email reminder at regular intervals he gave in and replied. So at last I got statements for Q1 2014 & Q2 2014 up to April 30th. Of course they're incorrect: he'd missed out one of my books and included someone else's. So I'm back pestering him again. I guess my vote on "Is WCP ignoring your emails?" is "he tries to."

Angie Baby said...

When those deadbeats were ignoring me, I threatened to contact their neighbors. It worked, I received a response immediately.

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